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1. Learn not to care what people think
2. Step out of your comfort zone atleast once a week
3. Say YES more
4. Paint a landscape in the countryside from life
5. Go Ice Skating
6. Make more 'me time'
7. Host a house party
8.Get fit again
9. Cook a meal for the whole family

10. Fail at something and learn from your mistake

11. Start (and finish) a 1 month diet challenge
12. Be kind more
13. Go makeup free for a week
14. Make a bath bomb
15. Draw a self-portrait
16. Host an art exhibition
17. Have a wardrobe/house de-clutter
18. Party on the beach
19. Visit another country

20. Save for (or buy) a house

21. Take a cross country road trip
22. Go to concerts
23. Treat yourself to something really expensive
24. Get more pets
25. See a broadway play
26. Visit London
27. Wear clothes you want to, even if you're not confident they suit you
28. Be the first to apologize
29. Look after your diet (but also have cheat days)

30. Get a professional massage

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