On 21st September my mum and I went on an amazing trip to Benidorm for a week. I saved up all year and we have the absolute best time ever, so I thought I'd share some photos of the things we did. (Find more on Instagram here)
We stayed in a hotel 2 minutes walk from the beach called Hotel Presidente, it was a lovely clean modern hotel with spacious rooms overlooking the pools, sun loungers and Jacuzzis. The weather was really hot for the time of year in the low 30's, perfect! On the first night we of course has to try out the night life and my gosh, it's so busy and there's plenty of places to see. Drinks wise the prices can vary from 2 euro to 6 depending on what you drink, so you can choose to spend as much or as little as you like. On day two we went on a boat trip to Peacock island which was perfect! It cost 15 Euro and we got a 20 minute boat ride to the island, then a 10 minute ride in a submarine looking at all the incredible fish surrounding the island. Then then left you to either explore the island and walk to the top, or visit the cafe and have a beer with a view. I chose the second option of course, looking over the whole of Benidorm in the distance watching boats come and go, it was surreal.

We had days spent at the beach, days spent by the pool, visited Benidorm old town to buy lots of clothes and shoes. But the highlight had to be the Zoo. We visited Terra Natura which was 30 Euro for transport to and back from the Zoo, the tickets to enter and also lunch, bargain! We saw some incredible animals: Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Jaguars, Exotic Birds, Rhinos, Deer, and so much more.

Some of the must-sees for if you're ever in Benidorm are: The Zoo of course, a visit to the secret fountain which is a rooftop bar with a pool that serves cocktails, Levante beach and the old town. But there are so many things I didn't see and so many things I'm excited to do when I next visit, like the water park, going on a safari, jet skiing and trying out more restaurants.


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  3. But the highlight had to be the Zoo. We visited Terra Natura which was 30 Euro for transport to and back from the Zoo, the tickets to enter and also lunch, bargain! We saw some incredible animals: Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Jaguars, Exotic Birds, Rhinos, Deer, and so much more.

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