Today's outfit is inspired by the upcoming party season. I'm super excited for my work Christmas party this year but as you'll probably know, sparkly formal dresses are expensive!! So last month I headed to the Everything 5 Pounds website and bought myself some goodies. I ended up spending £56 and came away with 4 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of pants and 2 jackets. Bargain or what! I have to say (and this post was 100% paid for by myself) that everything looks and feels so expensive! I'll be showing you exactly what I got soon, but we'll start with today's look first. My favourite piece from this whole outfit is the velvet pants. I initially had ordered them with a glass of gin so I was feeling more daring than usual. But it 100% paid off, they look amazing! I paired them with silver peep toe sparkly boots, a white shirt which I had bought a few months ago from Everything 5 Pounds, and a black blazer which admitted, is a tad small. The thing with Everything 5 Pounds is, they don't always have every size in stock, sometimes you have to either make do or get something else. A small price to pay for the massive bargains you get. Read more about how Everything 5 Pounds works here!

Scroll to the bottom of this blog post to find my top Christmas Party outfits under £20!


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