I'm back with a brand new outfit, but do you notice anything different? Two things I've actually been doing differently since I got my blogging spark back - When I don't have a photographer I always took outfit photos on a tripod in my garden, but recently i've been venturing outside. I seem to care less about if people see me posing infront of a tripod on my own. I mean, what's the worst they're going to say? "What is she doing?" I did come across an issue however, that i can't use my 50mm lense when I'm stood behind the camera, pressing "take photo" then walking infront of the camera as it doesn't focus properly. So I decided to get myself a remote. I looked into these quite a bit and stuck with a wired remote until i get a wifi enabled camera which will probably be in the Black Friday sales. Also I'm not sure how to use content aware in Photoshop yet so you'll have to excuse the wire. Apart from that, i'm really happy with how these turned out. It was my first attempt, what do you think?

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On to the outfit now, which I've been dying to tell you about. This denim dress is the cutest, comfiest well fitted dress I've had in a long time. It's my friend's birthday tomorrow so I'm wearing it out out with a pair of black heels and clutch. Today's outfit however is styled for the day time. I really love the whole colour combo too. It took a few different variations to find out what to layer this dress with for Autumn days out, but white brown and denim are the top pick in my opinion. This dress from Shein was only £10.99 in the sale too, I'd definitely recommend snapping it up before it get sold out! (FYI it used to be double the price!)



  1. Ik hou van de kleur van deze kleding. Ze zijn erg retro en je tas is geweldig.

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  2. Beautiful and Gorgeous Denim Dress for Women. You are looking cute and sweet in this dress dear.


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