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Denim Over The Knee Boots  Everything 5 Pounds


Last weekend I shot possibly one of the coolest outfits ever. I absolutely adore these gorgeous boots which I picked up from Everything 5 Pounds which really reminded me of Perrie from Little Mix. As soon as I saw them I just knew I had to have them! Then when this cute tshirt dress arrived on my door step I knew they had to go together. I'd been storing them in My wardrobe just waiting to pair them with something that goes. TBH it was rather hard thinking of what to wear with them when I initially got them delivered. I absolutely love t-shirt dresses, how they're essentially a baggy AF dress that instantly look cute when belted at the waist. Paired with tights and ankle boots I'd definitely wear this dress out and about, but for today's outfit I thought i'd go for a Winter night out look. Granted I struggle to walk in stiletto heels, but if you love them that much, you'd wear them all the time right?

On a bit of a life update since I havn't done one in a while, me and the cat are still besties, I'm currently getting an arm massage off him as we speak. Also I'm super excited to go and watch Liam Gallagher at the M.E.N in Manchester tonight. Me and the boyfriend are planning to visit the Christmas markets beforehand and every year I get those sticks full of chocolate covered marshmallows, strawberries and toffee. Follow me on Instagram to see photos of what I get up to (here).

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