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Every Winter I buy into trends - Teddy bear coats, bomber jackets, furry collars. But stripping it back to basics, the one jacket I wear over and over that I reach for year after year is my camel wool blazer. I got this jacket from Primark a couple of years ago and it's staying put! Formal style jackets with collars are timeless pieces which can be worn on so many occasions throughout the seasons. You only have to check out InTheFrow's Instagram to see why! In today's outfit the weather was really sunny yet still quite cold, which is why I opted for a less covered up Autumn look. I'm really loving sticking to neutral tones at the moment and can't wait to buy more khaki and nude coloured jackets, pants and tees. The thing is, I always see neutral basics online and instantly think "dull" "basic" but in reality, when paired together I feel so stylish. Is this the trend follower in me? Who knows! Today I paired the Primark Camel Coat with my suede boots from PLT (last year's collection) along with a black suede skirt and my new fake Gucci tee from Benidorm. I'm really not one for spending lots, and will openly say i love fake designer things because I hate paying too much for clothing. Who's with me?

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  1. Deze modes zijn zo uniek en leuk! Ik heb het gevoel dat het bijna teruggaat tot het verleden!

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