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Everybody fades in and out of interests, it's natural. After taking a couple of breaks and overcoming my blogging boredom I've figured out what works for me, what keeps me motivated & hopefully this will help if you're feeling the same.

  • Switch up Photographers! Rather than getting the same person to shoot your posts, changing photographers is a great way to switch up your content. A new person can bring new angles, different editing and new ideas. Two heads are better than one!
  • Go to a new location every blog shoot! In the past I got stuck in a rut. I had been picking the same location near my house over and over. Yes the photos looked good, but if you put in less effort you're less proud of your work. I'm not saying you have to travel far, or do if you want, just switch it up! It's amazing what a great background can do.
  • Update your equipment! Christmas is coming up, why not ask for money to put towards a new camera lens, remote or camera? Better content means you'll be happier with the work you produce.
  • Do posts for you rather than brands! It's amazing that brands want to work with so many bloggers these days, but one thing that really brought a spark back to my blogging mojo was to buy clothes myself. I really appreciate and am so grateful for everything that I get sent for my blog and it's great to work with the same brands, or even new brands too. Often I find that different shops can sell completely different styles of things, so just by switching which stores you feature your outfits can be so different.
  • Be inspired by social media! Screen shot your favourite outfits on Instagram, take note of interesting camera angles and write down similar locations you have in mind. Take inspiration from big and small bloggers, just don't copy.

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