Photos by Rachel Cottam

Leather Jacket | Dorothy Perkins
White Blouse | Everything 5 Pounds
Camel Paper Bag Waist Trousers | Everything 5 Pounds
Floral Boots | Zaful

Being on a budget all the time is hard when you're a blogger. There's always the new 'it' jacket or accessory you're dying to get, but who has the spare money to buy into it all the time? Not me! I often find myself avoiding certain websites because the prices are just too high. But when I still want to buy something new for myself, I have found myself gravitating towards Everything 5 Pounds all the time. Not only have I bought half my Christmas presents there, I've found that the more often I look the better and better their selection gets. I remember finding their site about three years ago and I'm not going to lie, I didn't like anything. But I kept visiting every few months just to see what they have and it's amazing now! It's such a new concept compared to anything I've heard of before apart from charity shops which aren't online usually. They only have a few sizes of everything, and everything is brand new with tags for £5. I'm guessing they buy high street clothes which aren't selling well at a low price, then pass the savings onto people on a budget like me. This post isn't sponsored or gifted, I just thought I'd share the love. I got these new trousers recently from Everything 5 Pounds and wanted to tell you guys how much I love them.
Have a lovely weekend! X



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