White Platform Trainers | Benidorm (similar)

Still in holiday mode despite only having 2 days off for Christmas and 1 day off for new year, am I the only one or do you feel the same? Some days I'm so motivated to do anything and everything, then some days I'm tired, unmotivated and feel bad about myself. Today's one of those days hence the super casual outfit. Kitted out in my new joggers from Shein and a distressed tee from The Kylie Jenner Shop, I've spent the day shopping, binging Netflix (Spinning out is amazing btw!) and taking photos/editing photos for the blog. I did intend to do a few shoots but the rain didn't allow me to do everything I needed. I'm so excited for the warmer weather and everything that comes with it. If you guys have any recommendations for what makes you motivated & happy, send them my way in the comments.


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