This past month has been a blur. From city breaks to working hard, trying to better my life and spending time with loved ones. On 8th February Jordan and I had a beautiful few days in the romantic English city of York. It's not often we plan to go away, but with it being our ten year anniversary, I just knew it had to be special. If you read  my Barcelona Photo Diary last year, you'll know we love to visit the top rated places on Trip Advisor, whether that's restauraunts, cocktail bars or day trips and activities. Just like our Spanish beach holiday last May we worked our way down the list, making sure we visit the most popular places. It's a way to make sure your short time there is the best it can be in my opinion. The highlight of the long weekend break had to be the romantic meal we had on our first night at The Corner Grill House, what a cosy quiet place, perfect! We stayed in Novotel Hotel which was a 5 minute walk from the centre, and I couldn't be more pleased with the price, interior, service and decor. I'd definitely recommend visiting York for a long weekend if you're up North.

From nights out for Birthdays, shopping trips and lunches out, February has been jam-packed full of fun and laughter. January was a little hit-and-miss for me personally, which is why I had a few weeks break. To gather my thoughts, make lists of goals, priorities and things which make me happy. This month marks my first steps in doing so. So bear with me and never forget to put yourself and your mental health first.


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