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As a recent art graduate, I love to express myself through every visual form possible, and combining my love for art with my love for fashion in this blog is my greatest hobby. I currently work in admin and social media, blogging part time and also fitting in a couple of art exhibitions into every year. My style is mainly influenced by other bloggers and my vintage shopping addiction, but I also love watching catwalk shows and taking style tips from the quirky streets of Manchester.

I've been writing Collage Me Pretty for around two years now, and am loving every second. Whether it's joining in Twitter chats, sharing my outfits on social media or meeting with fellow bloggers at events, there's always something to smile about when you're a blogger.

Gifted Items
Often I am sent products to feature on my blog, all which are marked with (*) under the first image of the post. I will only ever review items I love and all opinions are 100% my own. On the odd occasion, I will take part in a paid campaign which usually comes in the form of a wishlist, and of course, I will state this within the text of my blog post, with "In Collaboration With..."

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  1. hi emma, nice blog of yours that i found through primania, when i was wondering if anybody is actually using this marketing-kit for primark. check me out, and follow you along.


    kind regards from berlin


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